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What makes flooring green?

That’s not a setup for a punch line. It’s a question SelecTech addresses as part of the continuing education class it offers for the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The “Green Flooring” class is taught as a lunch-and-learn session for AIA member firms so staff members who also are AIA members can earn credits. The Green Flooring session covers the four key components to green flooring:

  • Sustainability – Is the flooring made from renewable sources (e.g. hardwood, bamboo, cork, rubber)?
  • Safe makeup – Was the flooring made from non-toxic materials? Does it contain formaldehyde? Does it contain low VOC/ Low-Emitting materials? Was it manufactured with green methods?
  • Carbon footprint – What’s the impact of creating, distributing, installing, using, removing and disposing of the flooring on the environment?
  • Recycling – How much of the flooring can be recycled and used again?

“While there are no formal standards for green flooring, there are some best practices that architects and builders should be aware of,” said Tom Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. “With these AIA-certified sessions and our network of distributors and reps, we can help bring our knowledge of green flooring to architects from coast to coast.”

In addition to green flooring, SelecTech has also been an AIA certified course in ESD flooring that provides credit opportunities for AIA members with our “Introductory Electrostatic Discharge Flooring Presentation”.

For information or to set up a lunch-and-learn for your firm, contact Tom Ricciardelli at 508-583-3200 or tricca@selectech.com.